Global Circuits

This collection is a small simple of the lectures presented by almost a hundred speakers at the six annual iterations (2005-2010) of the international Symposium on Art Criticism in a Global World, organized by ACCA, Associació Catalana de Crítics d’Art. The selection offers an overview of the representative subjects that the Symposium has dealt with in these last six iterations. The published papers tackle a range of issues such as the new role of art criticism in a global context, the new geographies of thought taking shape in the context of decolonization, and the emergence of a new modernity; the new cartographies of art created as a result of ruptures and dislocations – cultural, political, social and economic – everywhere from the Balkans to East Asia or North Africa and, finally, the proliferation of biennials as exhibition circuits which channel the problem of art in a global world and serve as the instruments of its legitimation.